Sunday, 8 August 2010


Howdi folks,

Currently sitting, resting sore feet in the Old Mill Hostel in Westport, Mayo. I do hope you are sitting comfortably, as I am now going to relay the story since the last time we spoke.

When I left you, I was using the computer in the Kilronan Hostel on Inis Mor, still recovering from the traumatic experience that was the ferry.

After all that, we went and got some food. We had good intentions of cooking up something that resembled a healthy meal, but we were so struck by the fact that this island in the middle of the atlantic had its own Supermacs, we felt compelled to eat at it.

After eating a bit, we took a wander around Kilronan Village eventually returning to our humble little temporary abode. We formulated the evenings plan: cans and a movie. A short saunter to Spar (yes they have a spar to!) saw us stocked up, and we settled in to watch A Clockwork Orange: a relaxing movie with little or no violence.

After this we popped round the local, Joe Macs pub. From here we also gained another shade of green. They very kindly sponsored us a green polo t-shirt.

We moved on in search of live music. The American Bar had a band playing, but as the name of the establishment might suggest, it was far from traditional fair.

Eventually we ended up back in the hostel, chatting and generally having a laugh with other guests. This polite and dignified activity soon devolved into seeing us and group of Clare Girls going paddling in the bay... which translates as being ankle deep in metallic grey sand and black engine oil.

Next morning we woke early to an unforgiving sun. We showered and hung around until the first ferry. The return crossing was uneventful. The water was like glass and we slept the whole time... SORTED!

We drove from Doolin to Galway, by way of first Lisdoonvarna, then a detour to a little place called Athenry. We got out of the car, and had a little sing song with a guitar and an obvious song! Challenge Complete!

In Galway City we parked and found our hostel for the night, The Galway City Hostel, who gave us a 50% discount on the nights accomodation, checked in and made the plan for the evening. Out to get the fixings for food first. We wandered through Eyre Square, our Ronald Regan Statue in Tow and found a Dunnes. Bought the missing ingredients for a stir fry... which is to say, we bought everything needed for a stir fry. In Dunnes, we were struck by the random hand of fate.

Who did we meet, but Collete from college, who just so happened to be in Galway on a bit of a holiday, and just so happened to be out to get food for her dinner as well! This is a crowd sorted for the evening!

We got back, cooked and sat down to eat. Turns out, fate always slaps you twice. Helena, a friend of mine who I havent seen for about 3421.543 years just so happens to be staying in the same hostel as us. BANG!

Chances of that?

After food, we wander the streets with our Ronald Regan Statuette, taking photos of it in various places and chatting to random people. We get as far as the Spanish Arch, where Ronald takes a photo of us (Camera timer, with Ronald left beside camera...) As we pose for the photo... a family who were behing us decide to jump in and put arms and legs everywhere... it was the most random moment ever. It was fantastic.

We notice that across the water on the Salthill Prom there is a road race in progress. Ronald Regan wanted a closer look, so we ventured across. On the way, we attempted to convince a Ban Guarda to be in a picture, holding Ronald Regan.. but she decined...

Instead, she points out a chap driving up the road, and advises us to follow him. The guy in Question is His Royal Highness, Michael Linsky, King of Claddagh, Irelands Last living King. BANG!

We pelt it up the road after his car, but it is gone before we can see where it disappeared to. We wander around, call for His Highness, but to no avail. Eventually we happen across an obliging local, she gave us directions to find this guys house... or castle if you will.

Arriving, we knock on the door, introduce ourselves and give him the story. We were then ushered inside and photos were taken!


We returned to the hostel and prepared to go out... I started teaching James to play chess, then we headed out to the Kings Head to meet Colette and her friends. They knew the places to go, so we resolved to stick with them!

Getting up this morning was difficult. We arose, trying to make little or no noise in the dorm, got ready, had breakfast, packed up and left.

We headed north west to Clifden, where we called into the Dan o Hara homestead, where they kindly sponsored admission.

From Clifden, we headed to Westport, where we checked into tonights Hostel, The Old Mill Hostel, who are very kindly sponsoring us the cost of accomodation. Straight away we stocked up on food, and headed to our challenge: Climb Croagh Patrick... barefoot.


The 32 Counties Team EVENTUALLY reached the summit of Croagh Patrick, it was cold and dark and we were both extremely sore. We were blessed by a group of passing monks for our barefootedness during the ascent.

At this point we both put back on our shoes (which were in the bags with the water and fruit) and came down as fast as we were able.

We collapsed into the hostel where we had showers and ate...

This brings us up the present... Im here, writing this epic. Well not any more, cause thats it for now!

We'll be heading out to check out the music festival they have here in Westport before crashing out for some serious ZZZZ



(The whole Ronal Regan thing is a challenge incase you were wondering...)


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