Thursday, 5 August 2010

Fab City

Evening folks!

Here in "Fab City"... thats a reference to an interviewon the Late Late (I think) from a while back. Mayor of Limerick wanted people to refer to the place as Fab City instead of Stab city.. A few days later a Tabloid Newpaper had the headline: "2 Men Fabbed in Limerick"

After we finished taking advantage of the internet cafe in Killarney (we stayed for about an hour, after buying one cup of tea) we headed for Dingle.

As is enivitable, we were again stuck behind slow moving farm equipment. We were almost destroyed by an artic lorry that decided to take the hair pin bend as if it were a straight road!

Just outside Dingle, we stopped at the Dingle Seal sanctuary, where they kindly sponsored the cost of entry.

On to Dingle and after some roaming around, we found our hostel for the night: Grape Vine Hostel. This lovely little establishment sponsored the nights accomodation, and Tom, one of the lads working there, donated €20 to the charity. Good man yourself!

We wondered around the town, managing to get a shade of green. This one comes from the tourist office, a Failte Ireland Neckscarf that tourist office workers are to wear as part of their uniform. They signed it for us and all :D

Following this, we made the first attempt at a picture with Fungi. Unfortunatley, there was too many witnesses around to complete the set challenge, so we resolved to return to the unfortunate metallic lump at a later time!

We made some food back the hostel and chilled for a bit with a Guitar and a couple of quiet cans.

The next morning we were up, showered and out the door by 20 past 10.

Enroute to Limerick, we contacted Radio Kerry and Today FM. We got a shout out on Kery Radio and went live for a short phone interview with Ray Foley. Would ou believe we had the audacity to forget to mention our love for his show? He was a bit miffed at that, judging by what went on the show afterwards!

Just before getting to Limerick, we stopped off for a bit of a swim. All ill say, is the Shannon Estuary is bloody cold! My nipples cold have been used to engrave Waterford Crystal back home.

In Limerick we made our way across the crazy traffic and to our friends house, who is putting us up for the night. Thanks Bridie!!

The car needed a bit of a reorganising, so we took care of that, and headed out to Thomand Park, where not only did they sponsor the cost of a tour around the grounds, but also gave us another shade of green: some grass from the playing field!

We got back again to Bridie's place, where I am now taking the oppertunity to write this up before the nights activities!



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  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great trip around Ireland!