Friday, 6 August 2010

Inis Moooooor

Following the writing of the blog yesterday, me self and the other fella went out to Thomand Park for a look around!

They very kindly sponsored us entry, so we followed around on a little tour of the Museum they have set up there, as well as the dressing rooms and the pitch itself. Not only were they kind enough to sponsor the entry, but they also provided us with a shade of green for our primary challenge: A small sod of turf from the pitch!

After we got out of Thomond, it was back to Bridies Place where we formulated a plan. This saw us head to Bunratty Castle to see what the craic was. It was all closed up when we got there, but we booked ourselves in for the banquet and had a good chat with Paula in the gift shop. Turns out she used to work with Gary Power of Waterford theatre fame.

Chances of that?

We returned to Bridie's place and got cleaned up, before turning around and heading straight back out to Bunratty for the Feast!

We arrived and the raid started, so us not ready for that kind of shananagans, scurried along towards the bastion. "Banging" around a group of appropriatley dressed pedestrians, we made our way to the castle.

We were shown to our bench and readied for the feast. Brid (so no fadas available on this thing), our server introduced herself and after alot of M'Lord' and M'Lady's, we were having a roaring good time, with good wine and the second best ribs ive ever had, no matter what I may or may not have said on the night when asked to eat what must have been an entire rack in one bite, then pass comment on said rack.

We filled up on ribs before the main course arived, which was delicious. I could only manage a little bit of chicken... As desert was served, we were asked to about face to enjoy the last of the nights entertainment.

After the end of singing and music, we headed down stairs for tea and coffee. A bit of a chat and a picture or two later, we were on our merry way back to the Bridie's place!

I can safely say that was the best night out either of us have had in a long time.

We were home and in the beds by 12, and up at 6 the next morning. We were out of the house by 7, and headed straight for the burren. We couldnt use the map, as the road we wanted wasnt on it, so we were guided by low resolution google maps image on my phone that was still cached, and the gps function. We bounced along over the hedge that was bisecting the road to arrive at this mornings destination: The Father Ted house.

We blasted out a few photos and headed onwards, to the cliffs of Moher. We parked and called into the Visitor Centre, a fantastic building, a work of art in itself. Thhey very kindly sponsored the cost of the parking, the exhibition that they have set up there as well as donating two more shades of green! These in form of two Tshirts from the gift centre. So a big thanks to Katherine McCay (I hope im spelling that right) and to Ann and Theresa.

Did you know that the Cliffs of Moher have been shortlisted for inclusion in the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. So you should vote for them HERE.

We went up to the cliffs themselves and took a few shnaps, then moved on to Doolin. We missed the morning ferry by all of about 30 seconds, so we went to the Doolin Cave, where they Kindly sponsored entry on the tour and as well as donating a Family Pass. The cave showed us the second largest Stallegtite in the world and the largest on public show anywhere in the world.

We returned to Doolin and hopped on the 3 oclock ferry to Inis Mor. By god, boats do not agree with me. If we had the ability to take a photo of the pair of us, we would have gotten at least 5 shades of green more... each...

When we FINALLY arrived on Inismor, we checked into the Kilronan Hostel, who are sponsoring us the cost of the nights accomodation. After a quick nap, a shower and now writing this... Were both rearing to see what there is to Inis Mor!

Im going to get off this thing and go explore!

Pictures and more info will follow when I have internet access on my own laptop.

See ya round


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