Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Gagging Noises

We left The Old Mill hostel and headed for the music festival. At the music festival we met two interesting characters: NJ and St Patrick Himself.

NJ is the name we gave to the REALLY drunk guy, who somewho reminded us of ourselves. The other, is this crazy old guy who dressed up as St Patrick... As ya do.

We stayed to hear the most interesting cover of Galway Girl ive ever heard... Ever wonder what happens after the end of the story in that song... well this band fills in the gap!

We turned in early that night, got up just in time for breakfast, then headed straight for Lough Key Forest Park, who very kindly sponsored the cost of the nights accomodation as well as donated a shade of green, in the form of tshirts!

We Pitched the tent and then headed into Boyle for a gawk. Kings House was closed so we wandered around, got some food and headed back to the tent, were James Crashed out for a while, and I read a book. We really needed to recharge after the weeks travelling.

At 2 oclock we got a phone call from WLR, we were going to be going live with Ian Noctor on his show at 4:50. I ripped James from his slumber with 5 minutes left on the clock and we settled in to wait for the call. The call came and we chatted to himself. Love his show!

After we did that, we returned to boyle and got a movie, Road Trip, which we thought was appropriate. SO we watched that, then slept some more! How interesting day 8 was.

We eventually got up the next day at 12, and headed for Carrick-on-shannon. Once we arrived on that epic 10 minute drive. We found and internet cafe, The Larder, who gave us some free tea and coffee and did some admin work!

Then it was on the road again, this time to Manor-Hamilton... or however you say that, on the way we stopped of at the Arigna Mining experience, where they kindly sponsored entry on the tour, which was as fantastic as always. It was my third time on the tour, never gets old!

We went on to Manorhamilton and eventually found Lisa's house, a friend of James's from college, who is putting up for the night.

WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Two dinners they made, they washed our dirty laundry and had beers in the fridge for us!

After some dinner, we went for a "Sham"... a drive around to see some fantastic scenery. We got back to the house and now were just chilling out for the evening!

There we are, up to date. Its a quiet couple of days, but we needed a quiet day to get the energy levels up!

The next few days will be pretty interesting however! and looking forward to them!

Will pass on more as we have it!


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