Friday, 13 August 2010

Phase 2

Hello again, been a few days now... but weve been busy!

The last blog saw us at a low ebb, absolutley knackered... But we have picked up again.

We woke early in the centre of the Fox Empire had a two course breakfast, grabbed our freshly washed clothes and headed towards sligo.

Down the road we stopped of at Glencar waterfall for a bit of a gander, then moved on to the Welcome to Sligo sign. Emma had given out to us for being progressively more and more weary and bedraggled looking in the photos, so we put a lot of energy and effort into this one.


we moved towards Sligo town, only to buzz by and head straight to Rosses Point. We took a wander around the village, including taking the awesome picture for stitching... take a look at it... count how many there are of us.

We went back to Sligo Town and took a walk around before hitting the Lake Isle of Inisfree and nearby Parkes Castle. After this we returned to rosses point and checked into the Guesthouse for the night. Rosses Point Guest House very kindly sponsored the cost of the nights accomodation. I must say it was the nicest hostel/guesthouse that weve stayed in so far. Immaculate. You should get yerselves down there.

After James had a Kip and I finished a book and did some work, had a shower etc. we went to visit the grave of Queen Meave. That was a bit of a walk, so when we got back we ordered in from across the road. CHICKEN! OMNOMNOM

We wandered up to the Yeats Country Hotel for some live music for the evening before settling down for a nice Kip.

Day 11 saw us nervous from the get go. We packed up, locked up and hit the road. Donegal here we come! North, the road bound. North, to Bundoran. En Route we stopped at the grave of WB Yeats for the photo op.

We arrived in Bundoran about lunch time. The Homefield Rock Hostel very kindly sponsored us the cost of the nights acomodation. We used the opportunity to do some Admin work on the interweb before a nap...

This nap was cut short by the fated knock on the door.

The lads from the hostel (who also run the Donegal Adventure Centre), we going to take us Cliffjumping.

We were hunted out of the warmth and marched up to the Adventure centre, were we suited up. and of course... took photos.

The walk through town in the wetsuits was uneventful... quite warm though. People should wear these things all the time.

The place where the cliff jumping was to take place looked alright from the distance. From far away. Very far away. Close up was a different story.

They started us on the smallest jump, from the diving board. Then the height was increased, and increased, and increased and increased.

The sheer terror got too much for mself so I had to stop, but James jumped from the highest jump..."Grass"... Twice.

Jumping grass involves running before the jump... so that you can clear the rock ledge below and actually make it to the water.

We were running on adreneline for the res of the evening.

After all the flopping around like carp was finished, trooped back to the Adventure Centre, peeled out of the wet suits... then TIME FOR FOOD!

Spagetti Bolonaise cooked in an industrial kitchen, on a gas stove that has two settings... OFF and FULL.

Turned out pretty well in the end, even though we lost half the pasta... it fell out of the collinder. It almost brought a tear to my eye to see food being thrown out like that.

After food, we joined Lisa for some Bowling... she was down visiting the perifery of her empire, so we said why not!

We joined the game 4 rounds behind, yet over took them and beat them altogether. GO TEAM AWESOME! Anything, Anytime!

From here, we were introduced to the Best Pint of Guiness on the planet. It was so good, it turned my opinion of it around altogether... It climbed a whole 7 pegs on the scale.

Unfortunatley we missed the meteor shower, wayy to overcast to see a thing. Pity that!

(Ahhh, now we are as far as today)

Day 12, the last day of Phase one of the trip, and day one of phase 2.

We started early, being served a fry up in Case de Decy! Cheers to ya, and your mam for making it!

There was a local wishing chair, so there was deffinate sitting and photos to be done!

Onwards, ever onwards.. this time to Malin Head! Weve gone all the way from the south east, to the most south west, now we arrive at the most northernly!

Ronald demanded photos, and photos he got. We also got a snap of the most evil cow ever... he looked at us with EYES OF HATE!

We passed through Muff. Theres alot of Stuff in Muff. Aparantly theres a big diving scene there... accoring to the lads in Bundoran there is! We didnt stay long enough to find out, we rolled straight into Derry, the First County of the North.

Parked, got some monopoly money from the hole in the wall, got a feel for the place then straight to the Hostel. Paddy's Palace are very kindly putting us up for the night, not only here in Derry, but also in Belfast tomorrow night!

Went back into the town, walked around the City walls. Theres alot of history in this City. We saw the largest Bonfire Structure ive ever seen, and some interesting shananagans with Ireland flags, by Loyalists... i think...

We wandererd in around Bogside, looked at the murals. Fantastic Stuff. The site of Bloody Sunday. We passed an exhibition, which documented peoples experiences from it and pictures from the day. It really made it real. We left a donation on the way out, it was touching stuff.

Back to the Hostel again... we do alot of that!

And we are now here, chilling in the common room, updating this!

Hopefully it wont be as long until the next time i get to update!

Right, im going to peel myself out of here and get some food into me... OMNOMNOMNOM


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