Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Planning the Adventure

The countdown has begun!

In a little under a months time, two intrepid explorers will set out to do something that has probably never EVER been done before.... yeah... to get to each and every of the 32 counties of Ireland in 32 nights, spending 1 night in each county.

But it wont be a case of just travelling around and having a kip when we get there... there will be challenges along the way... the easiest, and most obvious (aside from not getting fed up and coming home after 3 nights) is to collect 40 items that are all of different shades of green.

The route that will be taken is currently being formulated, along with other mind boggling logistical details (just HOW much drinking money will we need for a whole month??)

August 3rd is a pencilled in date... but is likely to change!

Watch this space for details on shananagans as we make them up.


  1. good luck to ya lads,i like your spirit,careful of the laws tho lol,anyway good luck and enjoy.be safe.

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip!!! Looking forward to reading about how you guys get on! Best of Luck!