Friday, 30 July 2010

3 Days until it all hits the fan

Hi all,

The title says it all eh? Next week it all starts. 3 Days time we'll be spinning around Waterford boi to see the local sights and hear the local sounds. Cant Wait for it!

Since our last update, we appeared again on the Noctor till 7 show on WLRfm on Wednesday 28th of August, which was great fun. If you didn't catch it, you can take a listen [[HERE]]. We had a good chat about the up coming adventure as well as a chance to plug the 32 32 Table Quiz.

We held the Table Quiz last night in the Showboat, and it was a great success. We raised a nice little bit of money from it, far more that we expected to raise from it. Which is great!

Have to give a huge shout out to all the various people who donated or sponsored prizes for the night, including: Brasserie (if im spelling that right), who donated a voucher for a meal for two; The Theatre Royal Waterford, who provided 4 tickets for their up and coming in house production of Beauty Queen of Leenane; Ellenor Upton, who brought us a bottle of wine and some girlie beauty stuff... thanks again Ellenor! ; Nathans Mam and James's Dad, who donated between them, bottles of wine, more girlie beauty stuff and a cuddely blanket teddy thing; The Olaf lads, who pitched in a soccer ball amongst other stuff, including the time they spent hosting the quiz for us, so big thanks to them aswell!

Want to thank as well (jayziz... this is getting like the Oscars now... I can almost hear the song playing in the background) All the people who couldnt make it, but sent us the cost of a table anyway. Lastly from the thanks, ('bout time says you), Thanks to the winning team on the night, who donated their cash prize back, minus the 20 entry fee, which means €80 for the good cause!

So them's the major developments!

We plan on enjoying the weekend now, ahead of the starting of the trip. See some of the Spraoi festival in between packing up as much stuff as we'll need for the month, charging various batteries... and for those who know Nathan... we will in fact be bring a camera on this trip... just to be different!

Monday night is our last night in Waterford, and is our "Waterford Night", so we hope to see everyone out to see us and wish us well in person! DO IT!

We have a couple of little other plans and ideas, but so far they're only the mere shadows of plans yet to be drafted!

Sh'after Lads!

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  1. you can if your jesus and you turn the water into wine??